Multitouch and Gnome

I find myself defending Gnome Shell far more than I’d ever thought warrented. It’s never from Unity fans - those guys associate linux with purple terminals and see Gnome as some fancy alternative they don’t know how to install. Every once in a while an xmonad user will shit all over the mouse driven DE and thise pompous need for cascading windows, but those guys generally know they represent the evil hacker lot.

Some folks will favor Cinnamon or XFCE, but generally they conflate a theme they like with the bonefides of the software they’re running, and in Cinnamon’s case they don’t realize they’re pretty much running Gnome anyways. I’ve yet to meet someone in the wild running KDE Plasma 5, but I imagine those guys probably have it pretty good too with their KDEConnect and nice Vista-y blur effects.

I wouldn’t trade it, though. Gnome’s found it’s way to the default desktop of many linux distrobutions, and it’s the default shell for when I login to my heart.


Doug Hatcher

I'm a developer from Charleston, SC. I like technology, movies, and dabble in Star Trek fandom.

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