So I have this pet theory that phones and tablets are a transitional forms and in the not-to-distant future we won’t carry around those stupid devices. Eventually stuff like Intel RealSense will get to a point where when you pick up a device, settings are pulled from the internet, and you’re instantly in a userspace that’s richer and just as customizable as anything going.

At first, it’ll be like when I pick up a friends phone or tablet, and I unlock to my homescreen. Multi-user with Kinnect on the Xbox and Google Assistant gives us a glimpse of what’s in store. Eventually, we’re going to display-ify everything. The table, the wall, the jeans your wearing, will all have multi-touch and 30fps and they’ll bake it into your glasses and contacts for a time. I have another pet theory on ‘holographic walls’ that show different images to different people, but this is getting a bit long. I’m not kidding, there’s all sorts of things in the oven.

At this point, people are going to re-evaluate some things. Like why do I need anything special to make a phone call? Won’t it be just like The Enterprise - touch any wall and tell it what you’re trying to do? Why do I need to carry around anything? FaceTime with the cereal box, go nuts.