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Tandy 1000EX

Tandy 1000 EX

Flash Firmware, Load up a USB drive with contents of usb/, slap it into your Tandy 1000EX, and play classic games and use deskmate. Pretty cool stuff.

Gotek SFRC922D

Is the USB Floppy Disk Emulator


Installed the FlashFloppy Firmware, works very well!

How does it work?

Copy files to FAT32 USB drive in the following way:

DSKA0000.img  Bootable disk image
DSKA000*.img  other images
FF.CFG  floppy emulator configuration file
Manifiest.txt   index of images on disk

Turn on Tandy with USB drive inserted, make sure 000 is selected before POST, and system will boot into DOS.

Press two circle buttons to toggle prev/next image. Image switching is instant.

Flashing Firmware

Purchase a Gotek SFRC922D, flash FlashFloppy Firmware on it by way of using this win32/en.stsw-stm32080.zip to flash the image located in win32/flashfloppy_v0.9.24a.zip.

Set the jumpers the way outlined in the video…


Follow the video, pretty easy to work out.

Creating 720K IMG files

  • WinImage does the trick
    • Select 720k images
    • Update manifest when you copy over or else nobody will know what is what!

2.5M Disk Images

Technically, the system can read 2.5MB images, instead of the 720k images you typically use.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw0JV4TypSo explains how

Basically, in order for the images to work, DOS has to be loaded with a hack or two.

To create boot image compatible with 2.5MB disk image

  • Take a DOS disk from the System Disks link above…
  • Open it with imgburn, copy/inject BIOPTCH.SYS into the image
  • Create a CONFIG.SYS file with the contents of DEVICE=BIOSPTCH.SYS and inject into image
  • Save image as DSKA0000.img for booting

To create 2.5MB images:

  • Launch win32\HxCFloppyEmulator_soft\Windows\HxCFloppyEmulator.exe
  • Select ‘Disk Browser’
  • In ‘DOS Floppy Disk Browser’ window, select ‘3”5 2.50MB DSDD FAT32’
  • Drag Files In
  • Save/Export, save as DSKA0007.hfe

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